Finished 21 Jumpstreet. The whole time I was expecting Dave and Channing to kiss…wtf brain. 

I try to do my homework but I easily get distracted


and something like a water bottle becomes so fascinating.

Life sometimes sucks, You need a break, Click here & Laugh!

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  • me:ok i'm going off tumblr to do work now
  • tumblr:don't lie to yourself
  • me:
  • tumblr:
  • me:
  • tumblr:lol you're my bitch xox

not on the field 18. 
the field.
  • me:will you go out with me
  • crush:no
  • me:april fools I didn't actually ask you out and get rejected there because that would be embarrassing right
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Life sometimes sucks, You need a break, Click here & Laugh!


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